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Inspiration outside the box

We often see the same picture in modern architecture: Square, flat-topped buildings with a highly structured appearance are everywhere. Curves can help us to break out of this pattern. The arch has always been a well-rounded choice. As a versatile design element, this structural wonder gives buildings a special flair – and impressive stability. Whether as a roof or façade element, the arch protects and fascinates at the same time. The following designs by the Peneder architecture team illustrate how memorable the unique Peneder arched roof shells can be as a statement piece and what advantages they offer, such as design freedom for floor plans. Be inspired to create something new: You will be amazed at how easily dramatic tension and airy spaciousness can be created.

"Bogenshed" by architect Florian Holzastner 

"The idea behind my design was to use the arched shells as a façade and as the roof to kill two birds with one stone. So I pulled the arch down from the roof over the façade. The contrasts of round and angular that are combined in the building also create a sense of architectural tension."

"Fassadenspiel" by architect Christoph Haralter

"With 'Fassadenspiel,' a long building can be divided optimally and become a beautifully shaped structure. The alternating straight and curved shapes create an exciting contrast that ensures recognition." 

"Nordshed" by architect Ivo Kux

"In this design, I pulled the arched shell over the wall to create sense of tension between the roof, wall and terrain. By opening up the roof element, it also functions as a skylight. I pulled the arched shell over the long wall to use it as a dividing element. This creates an interesting tension between the wall and the roof for the viewer."

"Bruce Lee" by architect Harald Setka

"Architecture can be water in a river, a wave in the sea or a bridge to new shores. The important thing in my design is the tension between the bodies, which shaped the space between them and opens it up to the surroundings."  

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