Arched roof

Unique in form and function

Anyone seeking particularly aesthetic roofing will find an elegant solution in the Peneder arched roof. As a self-supporting roof, the Peneder arched roof is a popular element of the contemporary architecture. The perfectly shaped roof shells made of high-quality steel sheet give the building a distinctive character and high recognition value.

Aesthetic and diverse

No matter how large a surface you wish to cover with roofing, the Peneder arched roof provides an elegant, fast and practical solution. Self-supporting spans of up to 25 meters wide are possible. The roof can be extended indefinitely lengthwise.

Whether it comes in single-shell design as open-air canopy roofing or in double-shell design (insulated) as a roofing solution for company and community buildings, the Peneder arched roof is ideally suited for a variety of applications and meets stringent requirements in terms of brightness, fire protection and protection from the elements. 

Best quality

Our arched roof is characterised by the highest material quality and thickness. All external and small parts are made of stainless steel; the roof shells are galvanised and have protective coating of the same thickness on both sides. To achieve optimum stability, 1.45 mm or 1.75 mm Austrian steel sheets are used.

The Peneder arched roof is custom-made in Upper Austria and delivered in components to the construction site. It allows for fast assembly and provides a turn-key solution. We handle the installation with skilled specialist fitters.

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