Concept and design

A commercial building must fit like a well-tailored suit, to be able to boost the company success as far as possible. In the course of a design workshop (Ready-to-go-Workshop), we elaborate your objectives and requirements for the new building together with you. Based thereon, an individual concept will follow including design, plan folder, extension scenarios, performance specification as well as construction costs and time. Upon your positive assessment, these will be detailed and permit application design developed.

Design possibilities with arched roof

For your next project, think of the style-defining arched bowl from Peneder. The arched roof can be used in many ways as a facade element with character and as a single- or double-shell roof system. The span, unsupported up to 25 meters, guarantees maximum design freedom for your municipal, industrial or commercial building.

Freely designed in terms of aesthetics

The Peneder arched roof invites to design. The arch shape creates a natural tension, which gains momentum by streaming wave motion of the roof shell. The roof shells are arched in both tension and roof shell width direction. This biaxial crown (warping) imparts static rigidity to a roof shell, which enables spanning the Peneder arched roof between bearings.

Arched roof design possibilities

The Peneder arched roof is extremely stable and durable. It is outright leak-proof and offers many design possibilities e.g. painting in any desired colour. The standard colours are RAL 9002 off-white or RAL 9006 silver metallic.

Due to free-supporting structure, suspensions are possible internally at any point of the roof. Any roof structures and photovoltaic systems can be easily mounted externally without penetration of the roof membrane.