Core competence and guiding principles

Like no other company, Peneder is characterised by its core competence. "Fast Forward" is part of everything we do. Go forward with us quickly and safely. This is what we stand for. We keep our promise by consistently following our guiding principles. These principles reinforce our core competence and function as a link between all business areas.

Proactive coordination

We think through beforehand how exactly the processes must be organised so that we are able to optimally handle complex projects and production sequences.

Quality of human interaction

Our interaction with clients, partners and employees is essentially characterised by esteem, clarity, authenticity and respect.


Whether fire protection or building solutions are called for, we use our expertise and experience to turn our clients' requests into reality at amazing speed to help give them the leading edge.

Our values

We are defined by our values, which are reflected in our actions:

  • Positive worldview
  • Authenticity
  • Clear language 
  • Adherence to agreements
  • Respectful interaction

Based on these values, we engage in dialogues with our clients to develop innovations that help them move forward and make them successful.