Are you planning an industrial or commercial building or do you want to modernise the buildings you have? Then we are the right partner for you!

Architecture Plus

We provide reliable and professional support in all areas and throughout the life cycle of your building: 

  • Site analysis
  • Architecture and general planning
  • Building as general contractor 
  • Optimisation of processes and logistics
  • Revitalisation and expansion of industrial premises
  • Facility management

By offering all this, we give you a decisive advantage in competition.

Sites that make sense

We are always focussed on the relationships between people and the building. After all, the building is an expression of the company's identity.

Work habitats that make sense and are architecturally ambitious and optimised in their processes inspire both employees and clients. They become a brand-strengthening statement.

The Peneder workshop principle

Our strength lies in taking ideas our customers have for a planned construction project and making these ideas more concrete in joint workshops. On this basis, we will create the perfect industrial or commercial building for you.

In close communication with you, interdisciplinary Peneder teams made up of expert specialists develop architecturally ambitious work habitats that are optimised in terms of both processes and energy. With respect and authenticity – and while having fun with it!

You can put on 3D glasses and take a life-like virtual tour of your new business premises during the workshop phase with us – which will make you all the more excited to start building.

Comprehensive facility management for maximum efficiency and safety

Operating a building is a matter that is becoming more complex all the time. Expert knowledge is in demand, particularly for energy management and maintenance of building technology systemsFIX Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH, a Peneder subsidiary, has been providing support to our clients in facility management for more than thirty years and has been ensuring smooth and efficient operation that uses resources sparingly. FIX stands for sustainability and no worries in building operation and performs at the highest level with maximum precision and speed.

We offer you individual solutions that are customised to meet your requirements.

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