Freely designed in terms of aesthetics

The Peneder arched roof invites to design. The arch shape creates a natural tension, which gains momentum by streaming wave motion of the roof shell. The roof shells are arched in both tension and roof shell width direction. This biaxial crown (warping) imparts static rigidity to a roof shell, which enables spanning the Peneder arched roof between bearings.

Arched roof design possibilities

The Peneder arched roof is extremely stable and durable. It is outright leak-proof and offers many design possibilities e.g. painting in any desired colour. The standard colours are RAL 9002 off-white or RAL 9006 silver metallic.

Due to free-supporting structure, suspensions are possible internally at any point of the roof. Any roof structures and photovoltaic systems can be easily mounted externally without penetration of the roof membrane.

Where necessary, the roof elements can be dismantled and reinstalled. 

Light-flooded and safe

Transparent or opal light shells from polycarbonate enable, particularly with large roof areas, an optimum lighting solution throughout the space width, thus creating friendly, natural light-flooded premises. In addition, standard light domes or hood fans can be built in.

The Peneder arched roof meets stringent fire protection requirements (up to REI 180) and offers an efficient noise and sound insulation (up to Rw 50 db). Whether thermal insulation or humidity protection, airtightness or ventilation, the Peneder arched roof meets the most stringent requirements and is maintenance-free.

Design possibilities with arched roof