Sustainablility in practice

Peneder Bau-Elemente GmbH, with its headquarters in Atzbach/Upper Austria, is implementing measures for the frugal use of natural resources to preserve nature and the environment. By way of example, the company has invested in an energy-saving LED lighting system, in electric mobility and in a new photovoltaic system. The modern corporate headquarters are equipped with energy-efficient building technology and are heated and cooled by means of biomass. Since 2019, Peneder has also been part of the action group "Energy Revolution LEADERS", a cooperation of 14 companies that are developing comprehensive strategies for an operational energy revolution.

"As a family-run business with almost one hundred years of existence, we are aware of our responsibility towards future generations. With energy-efficient building technology and by using renewable energy sources, we are able to make a significant contribution to climate and environmental protection," explains Christian Peneder, Managing Director of Peneder Bau-Elemente GmbH.

83 tons of CO2 saved through LED technology
Two production facilities in Atzbach along with the plant in Fraham have been equipped with highly efficient LED lighting. By converting to LED, the company has significantly reduced power consumption and thus CO2 emissions. This measure has enabled Peneder to save 300,000 kWh of energy and 83 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Renewable energy sources and electric mobility
Peneder has also put a new photovoltaic system into operation at the company's headquarters. 174 modules with a total output of 50kWp have been installed on a roof area of 290 m². The green electricity thus generated is used during the day to meet the electricity demand.
The first electric cars complement the company fleet and point the way towards electric mobility. In the process, Peneder has also established a charging station for electric vehicles in Atzbach. Expanding electric mobility is a high priority.

Energy-efficient building technology
The company headquarters in Atzbach are cooled and heated by means of thermal component activation. A wood chip plant generates the required heat or coolness by means of an absorption refrigeration system. Peneder obtains the wood chips from regional companies, which keeps transport distances short and CO2 emissions low. The company is supplied with 100% renewable electricity from the nearby power plant of Glatzing-Rüstorf.

Magister Christian Peneder, managing director of Peneder Bau-Elemente GmbH, summarises: "The company headquarters obtain their electricity, as well as heating and cooling energy, exclusively from renewable energy sources, which makes us extremely proud.”  

Working together to achieve a climate-neutral economy
Peneder is a member of the action group "Energy Revolution LEADERS" of the Upper Austrian Energy Saving Association (Energiesparverband), whose aim is to bring about an operational energy revolution. The network of 14 Upper Austrian companies, energy technology enterprises and research institutes facilitates the valuable exchange of knowledge on topics relating to energy efficiency.

"With our commitment to the "Energy Revolution LEADERS" network, we are aiming for a comprehensive strategy to achieve its vision of climate-neutral business. Since this is also part of our corporate values, we want to adhere to it in the future and make our own contribution to climate and environmental protection," explains Christian Peneder, Managing Director of Peneder Bau-Elemente GmbH.

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