Factory Expansion for Langmatz

With an average annual increase in turnover of more than 13 percent over the last two years, Langmatz GmbH, which specialises in plastics and metal processing, is on a solid growth course. In order to accommodate the increase in orders, the company is investing around EUR 6 million in an extensive expansion project at its Oberau site in Bavaria. This comprises a three-storey office complex with 1120 m2 and two process-optimised production halls, each with 750 m2. In addition, efficiency will be significantly increased by restructuring the existing buildings and by automation. Peneder Businessbau, specialists in industrial and commercial construction, was commissioned with the architecture, planning and construction. The traditional ground-breaking ceremony marked the start of the expansion project. Completion is scheduled by the close of 2020.

New representative office complex
The new office complex connects the two existing building units, thus optimising operations and shortening internal communication routes. Easily visible from Alte Ettaler Straße, the long, streamlined building with its white and bronze façade boasts a fresh and striking appearance. A welcoming lobby on the ground floor will create a central meeting place. A new lounge designed with a covered terrace along with modern offices provide an attractive working environment. Optimum shading with low heat input is guaranteed by means of tall, narrow windows in combination with structural sun protection.

Process-optimised production  
At the beginning of the project, the Peneder team conducted a productivity analysis and identified potentials in process optimisation and automation: The 750 m2 extension for bar processing will be equipped with an automated stacker crane. In addition, material transportation will be optimised and shortened. As a result of the space saved, a cutting system can now be placed directly in the hall.

The second new production hall for sheet metal processing will be equipped with a modern machining centre. Here too, the production process has been restructured and the disposal routes for waste shortened. 

"We became aware of the planning and construction specialists, Peneder Businessbau, through a recommendation. Peneder have introduced new perspectives and a holistic way of thinking. Thanks to smart solutions in the areas of automation and process optimisation, we can now use our cramped construction site more efficiently and increase our productivity," explains Stephan Wulf, Chairman of the Board at Langmatz.

Well positioned for the future
The expansion will enable an enormous increase in capacity. Langmatz GmbH plans to increase metal production by 50 percent and to increase annual sales from EUR 90 million to 130 million.

In anticipation of the future, Peneder took into account expansion scenarios for a fully automated crate warehouse and an injection moulding hall during the design phase, thereby preparing the company for further growth.

"We perceive the building as a machine that has a substantial impact on the productivity of the company. Our multidisciplinary teams of experts contribute their many years of experience in industrial and commercial construction and their in-depth understanding of operational processes in order to fulfil our customers' requirements in the best possible way," explains Christian Peneder, Managing Director of Peneder Bau-Elemente GmbH.

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