TFR Textile smoke apron

The textile smoke apron is used primarily for smoke spread mitigation in defined zones.

In case of fire, spread of flue gases is restricted, and flue gases are routed to extraction devices.

Depending on the application purpose, a rigid, flexible or separating design of the smoke apron with lateral guide rails is used.

  Individual customization

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Maximum widthup to 50 metres
Maximum heightup to 14 metres


Construction details

  • Large system widths
  • Freedom of design: good integration into architectural guidelines, open interior design
  • Small weight: only approx. 25 kg per linear metre of the opening width
  • Small space required
  • Ideal for retrofitting e.g. in heritage building conservation
  • Optimisation of the heat extraction system
  • Adjustable housing surface: visible parts in all colours similar to RAL or in stainless steel

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