Textile fire protection closure

The innovative fire protection curtain from wire-reinforced glass filament fabric ensures extensive fire-resistant sealing.

The TFF is installed to seal off openings in the walls.

The fire protection curtain is also suitable as sectional protection.

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System width:900 mm to 12000 mm
Run length:300 mm to 7000 mm
Area:60 m2
Max. size with smoke protection: 2800 mm x 3000 mm

Special sizes are possible after consultation


Max. through light:
Hight:4810 mm
Width:6565 mm
Expanse:31,5 m2


Max. through light:
Hight:3060 mm
Width:4010 mm
Expanse:12,27 m2



Construction Details

  • Large-scale barrier suitable for wall openings and façades
  • Vertical closure
  • Small weight per linear metre of the opening width
  • Small space required: ideal for retrofitting e.g. in heritage building conservation
  • Adjustable housing surface: visible parts in all colours similar to RAL or in stainless steel
  • In case of EW classes outstanding radiation restriction (only 1.43 KW/m2 after 90 minutes vs. allowed 15 KW/m2)

We offer you personal advising for customized fire protection. 

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