TFF fire prevention curtain PENEDERtextil

Textile Flexible Fire Protection Curtain

This innovative fire prevention curtain made for wire-reinforced glass filament fabric ensures fire-resistant sealing over a wide area.

The TFF is used to seal off openings in walls.

It is also suitable for use as sectional protection with machines or in warehouse areas, for example.


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TFF-E/-EW & -EI: With the European CE mark according to EN 16034 and/or EN 1324-1



E30-C2 to E120-C2, with optional smoke protection S200
EW30-C2 to EW90-C2, with optional smoke protection S200

  • System width: 900 mm to 12,000 mm
  • Run length: 300 mm to 7,000 mm
  • Surface: max. 60 m2
  • Max. size with smoke protection S200: 2,800 mm x 3,000 mm


EI230-C to EI260-C

TFF-EI230 (max. effective clear opening)

  • Height: 4,810 mm
  • Width: 6,565 mm
  • Surface: 31.5 m2

TFF-EI260 (max. effective clear opening)

  • Height: 3,060 mm
  • Width: 4,010 mm
  • Surface: 12.27 m2

Version details

  • Safe closure for large openings
  • Flexible installation options
  • Extensive sealing off, suitable for wall openings and façades
  • Vertical closure
  • Low weight per running metre of opening width
  • Low space requirement ideal for retrofitting e.g. with protection of historic buildings and monuments
  • Adaptable housing surface: Visible parts available in all colours similar to RAL or stainless steel
  • Excellent thermal radiation limitation in TFF-EW classes (only 1.43 kW/m2 after 90 minutes of the permitted 15 kW/m2)

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