For legal compliance and flawless functioning

An expert fire-protective service and professional fire-protective maintenance is prescribed by the law and is the most important basis for flawless functioning and long life of the product. Naturally, we provide support and offer:

Service and maintenance of fire protection equipment:

  • Fire protection doors
  • Fire protection gates
  • Escape doors
  • Sliding, lifting and swing gates

Advising and solutions for:

  • Updating fire protection plans
  • Appointment of fire protection executive
  • Manufacturing fire protection bulkhead

You will benefit from:

  • Increased functional reliability and economical operation
  • Increased service life of the fire protection and safety equipment
  • Guaranteed safety in meeting legal regulations
  • Legit insurance cover


We will receive our commitment to three-year warranty. Upon conclusion of a maintenance contract with our service partner FIX Gebäudesicherheit + Service GmbH the warranty is extended to five years.

For more than 20 years, FIX has been dealing with maintenance and service for our products. FIX also undertakes verification of fire protection equipment according to safety standards and legal regulations.

The attachments and internals used by Peneder in doors and gates are subject to the warranty and guarantee conditions committed to by the manufacturer. Warranty is lost in case of inappropriate or unsuccessful maintenance.


Operational safety

We stand for quality and guarantee you the correct execution of all products and services.

To ensure maximum operational safety, all products by Peneder undergo comprehensive hazard and risk assessment. We achieve maximum safety due to professional testing procedures and detailed result reports.