Swing gate PENEDERforce

Manifest force

PENEDERforce is a symbol for strength and design. The powerful swing gate is permitted for large dimensions and looks very impressive. The swing gate appears very imposing due to a wide variety of different functional and design elements, including, for example, a built-in pedestrian door (with an electrical opener and Reed contacts), specially developed hinges, glass cut-outs and particularly attractive joints.

Whether the swing gate is supplied with fire protection and/or smoke shielding, you won’t find a more resistant swing gate in its class. And despite its size and stability, PENEDERforce is particularly easy to install due to its pre-fabricated elements. Other unique features of the swing gate are short delivery periods of just a few weeks and its long life.


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Sizes (clearance)

Width* up to 5,600 mm
Height* up to 6,100 mm
Surface* up to 28.8 m2

* The actual sizes depend on the class and version

With the European CE mark according to EN 16034 and/or EN 13241

EI230 fire-retardant    
EI290 fire-resistant    
EI2120 highly fire-resistant    
Sa smoke-shielding    
Escape and emergency routes with built-in pedestrian door    
Built-in pedestrian door    
Glass cutout    

Combination options depending on the size, class and version


Special features

  • Particularly robust design
  • Extremely strong 3D building hinges developed in-house
  • Can be installed in cramped conditions
  • Built-in pedestrian door and glass cut-outs
  • Simple installation
  • C2 self-closing

  Individual customization

  Delivery within 10 business days

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