High-Speed Gate

High-speed sliding gate with fire and smoke protection - PENEDERrun

Peneder high-speed sliding gate is used anywhere, where fast opening is just as important as the reliable fire protection.

It scores with an imposing gate area and is available with drives of all leading manufacturers.

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Smoke protection gate


Fire protection gate 

(with and without smoke protection)

Width**up to 6940 mm up to 5800 mm
Height**up to 4920 mmup to 4200 mm
Gate area**up to 34.14 m2up to 16.27 m²

** depending on resistance class and design configured.

Construction Details

  • Realisable in unrivalled sizes
  • Even in large dimensions with enormous opening speed
  • With glazing
  • Available in optical stainless steel finish
  • Available with integrated pedestrian door w/o sill

  Individual customization

  Delivery within 10 business days

We offer you personal advising for customized fire protection. 

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