The professional door for outdoors


PENEDERpro is a high-quality framed door made of aluminum-glass for the outside area. It is highly insulating and has an excellent U-value.

PENEDERpro is available with a wide range of features such as concealed door hinges.

Side parts and skylights as well as many other design elements such as round arches, decorative bars or bevels are possible.

In addition, PENEDERpro can be used as fixed glazing.


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Sizes (stick lights)

Possible sizes are determined by statics, required wind-air-water values ​​or the glass size


  • Up to 42 dB sound-absorbing
  • RC2 burglar protection
  • RC3 burglar protection


  • Uf up to 1.3 W / m² / K (door)
  • Ug up to 0.6 Wm²K (filling)
  • Uf up to 0.86 W / m² / K (window)

Special features

  • Highly thermally insulated for outdoors
  • With burglary protection according to EN 1627
  • Surfaces anodized, RAL, NCS and effect coating
  • Also possible as a turn-tilt window and fixed element
  • Barrier-free threshold With European CE marking according to EN 14351-1


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  Delivery within 4 weeks

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