Swing door PENEDERlight

Transparent beauty for indoors

PENEDERlight is an elegant fire protection door for indoor areas. This high-quality swing door is available with side panels and/or skylights as well as diagonal shapes, segment arches and special shapes. Apart from this, it is available as a smoke protection version, which you can use with fixed glazing with an unlimited field width.


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INTERNAL DOORS: With Austrian certificate of registration according to ÖNORM B 3850/51

FIXED GLAZING: With Austrian certificate of registration according to the basic usage guideline of the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB) Fire-resistant glazing

Sizes (effective clear opening)
Width* single-leaf up to 1,350 mm
Width* double-leaf up to 2,500 mm
Height* up to 2,500 mm

Weight of leaf
Up to 190 kg possible

Side panel/skylight
Glass width of single- and double-leaf up to 1,284 mm
Structure height up to 3,200 mm

Fixed glazing
Infinite width possible
Glass width up to 1,284 mm
Structure height up to 3,200 mm

fixed element
E30 fire-retardant  
EW30 fire-retardant  
S200 smoke-shielding * 
Escape and emergency routes  
Skylight/side panel  

Combination options depending on the size, class and version
* With property-related assessment only

Special features

  • Surface-mounted door check, automatic swing door drive possible
  • Integrated carry bar, can be used on a wide range of locks
  • Surfaces anodised, RAL, NCS or effect coating
  • S200 with property-related assessment only
  • With panic exit device tested as per ÖNORM EN 1125 and ÖNORM EN 179

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