Wide variety
of designs

Whatever requirement you impose on your hall, we will take care of implementing it perfectly.

There are no limits to the design variants of our halls –
classic and sturdy, architecturally ambitious, small and complex or even tailored to meet custom specifications.

Function meets architecture

Numerous builders, planners and architects have been our clients for many years.

We hear again and again that Peneder halls are different and that they stand out from the rest.

And this is not a mere coincidence. Their premium-quality execution, always a bit more aesthetically pleasing and precise, makes Peneder halls something special.

Halls built to specification

Whether the project is a new development, expansion or revitalisation – we plan and build halls for you that have added value and are individually harmonised with your requirements.

Our buildings stand out for their ambitious architecture combined with high efficiency in their implementation.

During planning, we take care of optimising the support structure, and we will find the ideal solution to meet your requirements for the remaining components as well.

Classic halls

Halls with steel structures and gable roofs are the "classic" option in our product portfolio. For many years, this variant has been the default standard of our portfolio.

The tried-and-tested design guarantees a high-quality, sturdy solution that meets your requirements. Have a consultation with us and benefit from our expertise.

From the cold roof version with trapezoidal profiled sheets to the multi-layered roof structure with optimum thermal and acoustic insulation properties, there are no limits to the variety offered.

Compact halls

We also build smaller halls for you at tremendous speed. These halls can be based on client specifications or our own design.

As usual, you can trust in the quality of the advice from our specialists as well: Material optimisation, use of various types of insulating material and flexibility in the type of support structure for your steel hall – welded, truss or hot-rolled profiles.

Benefit from our expertise in projects of this kind as well – because small does not mean less complex. On the contrary: Implementing even the smallest hall efficiently and economically is one of our strengths.

We offer individually tailored solutions based on your requirements.

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