Process and logistics optimisation | Integrated design

We analyse the operational processes, harmonise them with humans and machines and design buildings from the inside to the outside. Using integrated design and building information modelling (BIM), we create intelligent and productive business premises that are sure to give you a long-term competitive edge.

Process-optimised work habitats

As early as the design phase for your building, we ensure an intelligent energy concept and processes that are meshed with each other.

This opens up unexpected potential for lowering operative costs and boosting productivity.

Best practice: Smart production for GAPLAST

Clean rooms are considered energy gobblers due to their enormous consumption of air and the high preparation quality of this air.

Instead of implementing the entire production of Gaplast in Bavaria as a clean room, a team of Peneder experts developed the concept of the "Air Shower Box" for partially creating clean room conditions directly on/around the product.

This innovation has set an example in the injection moulding industry.

Competency in logistics for Pollmann

Perfect harmony of robotics, conveyor technology, warehouse and transport logistics and building technology is the essence of efficient site logistics.

During planning of the new plant site for the automotive supplier Pollmann in Lower Austria's Waldviertel, this formula became crucial for success as a result of the construction of a central logistics axis: The infrastructure channel combines the production, storage and loading sections. This high-capacity artery ensures direct, short paths for efficient flow of material, energy and people .

A fully automated high-bay storage facility ensures efficient use of space and fast access to goods. Driverless transport systems as an interface between storage and production were taken into account as early as the concept phase.

Integrated design

By "integrated design" we mean the interdisciplinary cooperation of all experts involved in the design process – experts from architecture, automation, building technology, logistics and energy and process management. All disciplines are brought into the process early on and their design work is simultaneous and coordinated. This results in high quality and efficiency in the entire planning and implementation process.


In combination with building information modelling (BIM), the integrated planning at Peneder achieves full effectiveness. Building information modelling is the term for the working method of digital integrated design. The result of this method is a central data model of the building. As early as the draft phase, Peneder clients can put on 3D glasses and take a virtual tour of the building's digital twin. This helps with many decisions and makes you all the more excited to start building.

In addition, the digital twin is useful in building operation, e.g. when training employees or handling investments in maintenance and replacement.


Increasing efficiency in building operation through energy monitoring (energy management system = EMS)

Achieving an energy-efficient building with the aid of professional energy counselling and analysis:
Peneder offers energy monitoring as a smart tool for increasing energy efficiency in companies. Recording, regulating and controlling energy consumption and costs increases the efficiency of buildings and machinery.

We offer you individual solutions that are customised to meet your requirements.

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